Doing Good is the Most Sound thing to do for Politics: Chilean Miners Rescue

70 days ago, President of Chile Sebastián Piñera learned that 33 Chileans were trapped inside a mine in the north of the country. In a few days, he had to make the decision to attempt a rescue or to abandon the miners to their fate. The rescuers did not know that the miners were alive until 17 days later, when they established communication with them through a hole where they would pass food and medicines, and other necessities. Chilean rescuers and official government officers kept on trying to rescue them, and after 69 days, finally got at them in a very emotive day of seeing the miners emerge from the earth inside the rescuing capsule. The rescue is a great thing for the miners and their families, it is certainly a great thing for the Chilean President and his government, but it is also one of the few good news the world has had in the middle of economic and political turmoil along with natural calamities. Seeing the Chilean miners rescued and happy to reunite with their families, was a reason to rejoice about human kind. Good move President Piñera, good deeds make good governments and sustain popularity not only on rhetoric but in real happenings. Great day today to celebrate! Viva Chile.

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